House of Horror

Mold issues can plague commercial buildings and homes as the mercury drops and moisture levels rise, transforming a harmless building into a truly terrible one. The pungent smell of mold as it spreads ruthlessly across formerly pristine ceiling tiles means one thing to facility managers across the country: a significant cash outlay, followed by a pulsating headache right behind the eyes. While the fallout from flourishing mold can be substantial and expensive, prevention can be as simple as employing the services of a trusted roofing contractor and waterproofing company.

Tighter Hours of Service Regulations Force a New Normal

Dale Tyler, President of National Roofing Partners, a consortium network of commercial roofing contractors coast to coast, exhales as he describes the extent of the challenge that has confronted his partner network lately, “The commercial roofing industry’s outlook has changed. Radically. We’ve now gone from, perhaps a year ago, we could get materials in a matter of 3, 4, maybe 5 days. Now we are at a minimum of two to three weeks on material deliveries with all major manufacturers.”

First Responder for Commercial Roofing Systems? Absolutely!

Hurricanes bearing down on your geographic area put everyone on high alert. Days out, facilities managers are monitoring the storm’s progress along with every meteorologist, hospital, retailer, grocery store and resident that may be impacted. Where will it land? How devastating will it be? When can we get help to those in need? How will we get back in business so we can provide important services?

How Business Owners Handle Hurricanes

He’s an impromptu meteorologist, doomsday prepper, first responder, accountant and a worry-wart. He is the facility manager. “The facility manager reached out to me immediately after that storm passed,” says Wayne Gwaltney, National Account Manager for National Roofing Partners, a network of 120 commercial roofing companies across the country, “He reported part of the roof was gone.

Budget Time? Don’t Picket. Pocket!

As a facility manager or owner with offices and assets sprinkled across the country, you face a mounting challenge as you prepare annual budgets and prioritize goals this quarter. While you have a good grasp of the portfolios and how much you would like to spend, how do you determine what is actually necessary to spend on vast expanses of commercial roofing? After all, it is the one of the largest components of your property, and frankly requires regular maintenance and repair.