National Roofing Partners Develops Minority Spend Solution

This fall tense scenes have dominated our nation’s headlines, prompting questions about America’s commitment to equality, inclusivity, diversity and fairness. The business community, however, has repeatedly demonstrated an admirable ability to further inclusion programs and follow through on the diversity commitments that will empower communities and dispel hostilities.

National Roofing Partners Champions Diversity

“It honestly makes me proud we are breaking down barriers simply by hiring the very best, brightest people we can find. Man, woman, minority, if you are at the top of your game, there is a place for you at National Roofing Partners,” says Dale Tyler, President of National Roofing Partners, where an exciting new diversity initiative is also in the works. Look for news of it in an upcoming story.

The Anatomy of An Ideal Candidate

When Mary Shelley wrote her famous novel Frankenstein on the coast of Lake Geneva in 1816, her inspiration established an entire genre of ‘science-gone-wrong’ fables wherein experts try to improve on the natural order. In politics, candidates often claim to have re-invented patriotism, or public service, or the political party itself. Consider, however, what an entire industry might “create” by consolidating the ideal positions of different candidates to bolster the industry. For instance, what sort of candidate would a voting block of commercial roofing contractors and construction industry leaders support? If they could cobble together an ideal congressional hopeful, where would he or she stand on the issues?

House of Horror

Mold issues can plague commercial buildings and homes as the mercury drops and moisture levels rise, transforming a harmless building into a truly terrible one. The pungent smell of mold as it spreads ruthlessly across formerly pristine ceiling tiles means one thing to facility managers across the country: a significant cash outlay, followed by a pulsating headache right behind the eyes. While the fallout from flourishing mold can be substantial and expensive, prevention can be as simple as employing the services of a trusted roofing contractor and waterproofing company.

Tighter Hours of Service Regulations Force a New Normal

Dale Tyler, President of National Roofing Partners, a consortium network of commercial roofing contractors coast to coast, exhales as he describes the extent of the challenge that has confronted his partner network lately, “The commercial roofing industry’s outlook has changed. Radically. We’ve now gone from, perhaps a year ago, we could get materials in a matter of 3, 4, maybe 5 days. Now we are at a minimum of two to three weeks on material deliveries with all major manufacturers.”