Myth Busting: A Blind Biker and Supply Chain Diversification

“This American Life” recently featured Daniel Kish, a blind mountain biker with glass eyes who has taught himself how to echolocate, like a bat or a dolphin, by clicking as he moves. Kish believes

Bloody Fingers, Diesel, and American Dreams

Five years ago two friends looked up at the sheer granite face of one of the most austere mountain passes in North America and agreed to “free climb” all 3000 feet of it, immune

The Dallas Cowboys and NRP Climb to New Heights:

One Pulls in $38k per Playoff Ticket; The Other Services Roofs Like a Boss
The Dallas Cowboys have won every road game this season, finishing up Sunday’s final game against the Washington Redskins with a

NRP Gives Back

Khary Penebaker, President of a National Roofing Partners affiliated commercial roofing company, Roofed Right America LLC, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sat with company CEO Ricardo Herrera as he blinked back tears, turning his face away

98 Inches of Snowfall! Buffalo’s Lessons Learned.

It was bad.

A full year’s worth of snowfall, 98 inches, had blanketed the city over the span of five days. Snow bore down on miles of rooftops, necessitating an unprecedented snow removal operation.
National Roofing