6 Benefits of Innovative Cultural Leadership

“Officers eat last,” was Lieutenant George Flynn’s immediate reply when leadership expert Simon Sinek asked why Marine Corps culture is so great. In that moment the Commanding General of the US Marine Corps Combat

March Howls: Punishing Snowfall Imperils Roofs

As of March 4th, 2015, more than 40% of the nation shivered under the latest winter storm watch, warning or advisory, according to National Weather Service meteorologists. This latest band of severe weather threatened

Why They Need You At RCI

This month Joel Peterson, Chair of JetBlue Airways, posted an article on LinkedIn called “You’ll Succeed When Others Want You To.” In it, Peterson says people achieve their goals when they have enough “fans”

Top-Down Diversity: Why It Matters (A View from the Billion-Dollar C-Suite)

According to the U.S Census Bureau, minority populations will outnumber Caucasians by 2040. While many corporate leaders understand how important it is for their employees and managers to mirror this diversity, change in corporate

Take a Snow Day!

If this is the scene in your neighborhood today, you do not need the added stress of wondering how your commercial roofs are holding up under the weight of all that snow. Stay safe,