The 3 Reasons Immigration Reform is Stymied

The immigration legislation, which the roofing industry has been counting on to get more workers on the job, received a combination of hard punches over the past few weeks. These actions, or inactions, will

El Nino Can Cost You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars This Winter – Here’s How to Avoid This

The recent deluge of rain in Southern California and throughout the South has wreaked havoc on the people who live there and the buildings in which they work. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated,

Meet the Man Who Started a Conversation Worth a Billion Dollars: Clifford A. Bailey

Talking to business owner and National Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (NMBEIC) Chair, a committee of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) , Clifford A. Bailey, it is obvious why he has been

Texas Governor Urges Young People to Consider Careers in Construction

Opportunities for young people in the building trades have never been better. As Dale Tyler  of National Roofing Partners has previously noted in this space, “College is not for everyone. In fact, many young people

Why Hispanic Heritage Month is Important to Every American

A word from Dale Tyler, President of National Roofing Partners
While you might not be aware of it, every year the time period of September 15 through October 15 is a very important month for our