Budget Time? Don’t Picket. Pocket!

As a facility manager or owner with offices and assets sprinkled across the country, you face a mounting challenge as you prepare annual budgets and prioritize goals this quarter. While you have a good grasp of the portfolios and how much you would like to spend, how do you determine what is actually necessary to spend on vast expanses of commercial roofing? After all, it is the one of the largest components of your property, and frankly requires regular maintenance and repair.

Arnold, the World’s Greatest Armchair Quarterback, Gives Thanks

Meet Arnold, or Arnie as his buddies call him. Arnie loves football. He would rather watch football than anything else in the world. He even has the perfect football game watching setup, which he fondly calls Arnieville:

The Truth About the Commercial Roofing Workforce

In the United States, we dedicate the first Monday in September to celebrating the social and economic achievements of our workforce. This holiday is our national tribute to honor the contributions made by workers who continue to strengthen our country. When you think about the workforce in our country today, it is much different than 1886 when we first celebrated Labor Day. We have a diversified set of workers, many who come here with the hope of finding their own American dream. These people often make sacrifices so their children can have better lives.

Weather Forecast Calls for… “Sharknado?”

Forget the umbrella…grab a chainsaw! That’s right, its Sharknado season - the time when we must begin preparing for the influx of sharks inside tornadoes to rain down causing devastation in your town. Well, perhaps not.

The Hardest Working Tech in Commercial Roofing is…Drones?

Drones are everywhere, and showing great promise for future applications. Amazon will use them to deliver packages; the military uses them for multiple applications, including an adaptation to rescue people from dangerous places, and technology companies are using them for collecting data from previously hard-to-access places.