Drones: Not Everyone Likes These Eyes in the Skies

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion about “Unmanned Aerial Systems,” more popularly known as drones. From hobbyists to cinematographers to hunters to roofers such as National Roofing Partners, the technology, which allows small, unmanned

Why Choosing the Building Trades and Not College is the Best Choice for Many High School Graduates

You’ll pardon the high school seniors who seem to be a bit more anxious this time of year. Spring is the time of year when many of these students begin receiving their acceptance or

Immigration Conundrum: What’s Right for Workers and Business?

Another chapter in the book on immigration reform in the United States was written recently. In a 65-page brief, the Justice Department urged the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a hold

Did You Pay Too Much Income Tax This Year? Probably.

April 15th is America’s day of anxiety. Tax day – when the often voluminous tax forms must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – forces individuals and businesses to harness their financial

3 Ways Toyota Rocks The Party: How to Build Loyal Brand Followings

Toyota recently celebrated its ten year reign as the Hispanic market’s favorite automaker by throwing a blowout party and launching a gratitude campaign, “Mas Que Un Auto” (“More Than A Car”), in which customers