To help members share in National Roofing Week, which will be held June 3-9, NRCA will be using Thunderclap, a crowdspeaking platform that allows people to tweet or post a Facebook message on the same day—and at the same time—to achieve the maximum effect and rise above the noise on social media. Think of it as an online flash mob in support of the roofing industry. NRCA is using Thunderclap to flood social media with a message promoting the roofing industry and National Roofing Week!

Thunderclap is safe, free and will post only one message on your behalf. Signing up for NRCA’s Thunderclap will take five seconds—just click here and choose “Support with Twitter,” “Support with Facebook,” “Support with Facebook page,” “Support with Tumblr” or all four! Then, add your name to the Thunderclap, and on June 3, the first day of National Roofing Week, everyone who signed up will have the same National Roofing Week message automatically posted on their Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts: “It’s National Roofing Week! Share if you’re thankful for the roof over your head!

All you need to do is sign up to show your support for the industry—Thunderclap will take care of the rest! With your support, on June 3, thousands of people will be speaking with one voice to celebrate the roofing industry and National Roofing Week!