Photo Credit: Roofing Contractor Magazine

National Roofing Partners (NRP), the leading network of commercial roofing contractors in North America, is proud to share information concerning National Women in Roofing’s (NWIR) Mentoring and Networking Reception featuring Kaney O’Neill.  This inspirational speaker shared real-life experiences as a women-owned and disabled veteran-owned roofing company with over 300 roofing professionals.

NRP has played an important role in recruiting the 2017 NWIR Mentoring Speaker, Kaney O’Neill.  With a special video, focused on not only running a women-owned business but also dealing with the challenges of being a disabled veteran, O’Neill delivered an incredibly inspirational story. As anticipated, over 300 people attended the reception February 28, 2017 at 5 pm in the Mandalay Bay Islander I.  Mallory Payne, National Account Manager for NRP and Chair of the NWIR Mentoring, and her committee, worked with Kaney O’Neill and Jill Bloom from Roofing Contractor Magazine, to bring Kaney’s story to the mentoring event.

“Kaney is extremely inspirational and her outlook as a business women is exactly what we are trying to share through NWIR events,” stated Payne.  “NRP has built a strong relationship with Kaney and her roofing company, it was a natural fit to ask her to speak at the NWIR annual event.  The idea of using video worked for everyone and we were thrilled to partner with Roofing Contractor Magazine, also a NWIR Founding Sponsor, on the video which will be shown during the reception.”

“NRP believes in the strength of men and women working together for success,” stated Dale Tyler, president of NRP.  “Heidi J. Ellsworth, Chair of NWIR and Mallory Payne are both integral to NRP.  Early on, we made the commitment to being a NWIR Founding Sponsor.  We know the importance of women-owned businesses and women in leadership both in the office and on the rooftop.  It is the future of this industry.”

“NWIR was incorporated in February of 2016 and has seen extreme growth the past year.  Our Founding Sponsors have been essential to our success,” stated Heidi J. Ellsworth, Chair of NWIR.  “As an association, we are committed to empowering women within the roofing industry through mentoring events like we will experience at IRE this year.  We are also committed to recruiting women into the industry.”

NRP’s national footprint of tier one roofing companies continues to expand with a strong emphasis on diversity and technology.  “Labor is critical for the industry and we must focus on the recruitment of talent no matter the gender, age or race.  The growth and use of strong technology are critical for our future and that means being open to all people without limitations,” concluded Tyler.