radcoThe company was able to help Beds for Kids, a local not-for-profit, replace the failing roof on its storage warehouse.

North Carolina-based Radco Roofing recently provided donated materials and labor to install a new roof on the Charlotte warehouse of the Beds for Kids organization, a charitable organization that provides beds and furniture to families in need.

The 11,000 square-foot warehouse was experiencing leaks.  Tina Sherrill, Division Manager for The Keith Corporation, a commercial real estate company managing the property, requested a roof inspection from National Roofing Partners contractor Radco Roofing.

Ted Rademacher, owner of Radco Roofing, inspected the roof and determined that it was beyond repair.  A complete replacement would be needed so he quoted a traditional re-roof system.  He also presented an option to install the V2T vented roof system which could provide a significant cost savings. A V2T system is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option that eliminates the need for adhesive and screws by leveraging the power of the wind.

“Over the last four years, our warehouse has had quite a few roof leaks,” said Daniel Fogarty, Beds for Kids Executive Director. “As we started to investigate what it would cost to replace the roof, we quickly realized that we couldn’t afford to do this.”

Fogarty reached out to the contractors that had submitted bids to talk about what they could realistically manage.  “Ted Rademacher at Radco Roofing said he wanted to help and was able to work with his suppliers and his employees to help get our roof repaired,” explained Fogarty.

As Rademacher learned more about the Beds for Kids organization he decided that this was the kind of organization that he wanted to support.  Rademacher contacted and secured donations from Carlisle for roofing membrane and from V2T for the venting solution. Because there was no need for adhesives and fasteners, Radco was further able to cut costs on the project reducing their original proposed price by half in order to complete the roof installation on the Beds for Kids warehouse.

thumbnail-9“Once I heard about the Beds for Kids organization, it was with no question that I wanted to help them reduce cost on their new roof,” said Rademacher. “We were glad to give them a quality roof while supporting them for all of the hard work they provide to the community.”

Rademacher’s employees at Radco Roofing were excited to find more ways to support the organization, so they volunteered for a day at the warehouse to help the organization prepare for its third annual Hoops & Dreams event with the Charlotte Hornets.  The volunteers loaded truck with beds, pillows and sheets so that while the children were enjoying the event with the Hornets, beds and bedding would be delivered to their homes.

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