Today, there are more women in the roofing industry than there has ever been before. Watch as Heidi J. Ellsworth, strategic initiatives director for National Roofing Partners and chairperson of National Women in Roofing, presents with Lindy Ryan, NRCA’s first female chairman of the board on how women can find strong and lasting career paths in roofing and how women are making a difference in the industry and the collaboration and success of women currently working in the roofing industry.

During the webinar, Ryan will share her remarkable corporate and volunteer leadership tenure in the traditionally male-dominated roofing industry. Ryan’s positive message of focusing on the job not the gender offers a powerful lesson for women and all leaders in developing talent across our rapidly diversifying industry.  Ellsworth will share the vision for NWIR as a national organization and the recent launch at the 2016 International Roofing Expo® (IRE).  The goal of NWIR is to provide networking, mentoring and education for women roofing professionals with a strong focus on women new to the industry.

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Women in roofing industry