Trent Cotney of Trent Cotney, PA and Associates talks about some of the risks that come with hiring the wrong contractor and how to avoid them.

National Roofing Partners features a podcast series that highlights roofing industry experts discussing topics to help building owners and facility managers understand the intricacies of roofing. Topics include everything from legal, to insurance to types of roof systems and common problems and solutions.

In this episode, roofing industry legal expert, Trent Cotney, Trent Cotney, PA and Associates, talks about some of the risks that come with hiring the wrong contractor and how to avoid them. The first risk comes in the form of OSHA compliance. There have been so many new OSHA regulations over the last few years that it becomes a challenge for some contractors to keep up with the changes. Record keeping and reporting rules have changed, new silica standards are in place, OSHA 300 logs must be electronically submitted now and noncompliance with any of these can lead to hefty fines.

There is also a risk when it comes to general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. While most contractors carry insurance, there is risk if they are underinsured. By choosing NRP as your roofing partner, you benefit from a company that carries 10 times the minimum insurance levels and requires its partner contractors to carry three times the level of insurance required.

Considerations also need to be given to labor laws. Many roofing contractor are subcontracting out crews and it’s important to understand the legalities related to subcontractors. When using subs, they need to have the right skills, they are subject to federal laws and wage laws and a building owner can’t always be certain that the contractor is adhering to the law.

Listen to the full podcast to hear additional risks that property owners and facility managers need to take into consideration when selecting a roofing contractor.