National Roofing Partners (NRP) is proud to share the insights of Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association’s (PRSM)2017 PRSM Trends Report. NRP connects the rooftop with technology that makes the role of facility management easier than ever when protecting tenants and property. The following key trends identified by PRSM match NRP’s mission and every day priorities including strong client relationships that result in technology driven solutions for retail roofing systems and security. This report identifies five industry trends addressed throughout the retail industry by facilities management professionals and
suppliers managing multi-site facilities.

The FM of the Future – Strategic Leaders
The Facility Manager (FM) of the Future is here with an increasing set of responsibilities that will determine the success of a retail business and includes human resources, vendor relations, reporting systems, construction, project management, property management and financial management.

Relationships Sell – Stop Selling and Be Successful!
The trend in successful retail FM marketing and sales is built around understanding retail FM needs, psychology, vertical markets, and establishing relationships, using case studies and testimonials, and delivering value – not selling products and services.

Technology – Data-Driven Decision-Making
All the buzz in retail FM is about the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, the digital ceiling and augmented reality. As these new technologies play out in the retail space, the role of FM changes, along with the shopping experience itself.

The Regulatory Tidal Wave Is Coming
While federal regulations have the most widespread impact, most new regulations or changes begin at the state or even local level. Given the regional, national and global depth of retailers, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the compliance curve.

Evolution of the Shopping Environment
Over the last 20 years, the retail landscape has evolved from a slew of large indoor shopping malls into highly specialized, top trend stores, pop-ups, outlet centers and high-end malls. Those now vacant shopping malls are transforming the FM role into property management, as empty space is leased out.

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