By Dale Tyler, National Roofing Partners President

Over the last month, our nation has seen devastation through fire, flood, and wind.  But we have also seen the heart of Americans shine.  The National Roofing Partners (NRP) headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and we have not only watched what our industry has done nationally but we are a part of what is still happening in Texas.

Ashley Agar (far right) along with her husband Mike (top) and friends dropping off donations in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

At the NRP offices, we are very proud to be Texans.  It has been amazing to watch the people of Texas unite and take care of our neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey.  In fact, I am personally proud of our employees who have taken their own time to go into Houston and help.


David Huval, NRP marketing coordinator, and Ashley Agar, NRP project manager, both organized separate drives for food, blankets and cleaning supplies that they then took to Houston.  Not only did they take needed supplies to displaced residents but they also stayed and helped people clean out homes that had been flooded and help prepare meals for 1st responders.

David Huval (Front Left) along with his sister, brother-in-law, and friends helped Texas Roadhouse prepare 1,200 meals for 1st responders in Rosenburg, TX.

At NRP, every employee has two days a year beyond their vacation to use for community service.  Our employees are using that time to do good things not only in Dallas but now to help with hurricane relief.  As we watched yet another storm approaching Florida, we wanted to do more.  That was when we talked to SRS Raise the Roof Foundation.  SRS Distribution, a national network of independent roofing distributors, had committed to a 100% match of contributions and NRP committed not only dollars but also help to get the message out to the industry.


SRS is seeing great success and NRP is thrilled to be a part of it.  I would like to share this update from SRS Distribution President & CEO, Dan Tinker, “To date, 323 individuals and organizations have contributed $174,077.00 to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey!  With the SRS match, we currently have $348,154.00 in our relief fund.”

He goes on to announce, “We would like to announce that we are expanding the scope of the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to include those who have been directly affected by Hurricane Irma in the past few days.  In expanding the scope of this fund, we will also be extending the SRS Distribution matching component to include all contributions that we receive through Wednesday, September 20th. By adding this third week of matched fundraising we believe we can reach our new goal of $250,000.00, for a total of $500,000.00 in funds raised for the victims of these two storms.”

The NRP network will continue to help with hurricane relief efforts and the SRS Relief Fund.  NRP network partners like Butcher and Butcher have donated funds and with the overall help of the industry, SRS will hit that half million mark.

I am humbled by the charity and relief work of so many people in our industry, state, nation and our own NRP employees and partners.  It is truly what makes America great.  Please consider participating in the SRS drive.  To make a contribution directly to this fund that will be matched dollar for dollar by SRS Distribution, please follow the link below.