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Many parts of the country experienced record snows this past week.  Winter Storm Jonas created chaos at airports, neighborhoods and on many roofs, leading to extreme roof failures.  Experts are saying it is not over and more snow is predicted in the coming weeks.  The question is: what can you do now to help protect your building, tenants and customers during major snow events?

With roofs collapsing throughout the east, facility managers and building owners need to be educated, informed and ready to deal with snow removal.  National Roofing Partners (NRP) has the ability to provide rapid-response snow removal along with education on what to do before and after the storm, to protect your buildings.

Snow Weight 2First, it is important to understand how much extra weight can accumulate on your roof, from snowfall.  One cubic foot of light, dry snow weighs about 3 pounds, while one cubic foot of heavy, wet snow can weigh up to about 21 pounds!  That is a tremendous difference.

So, how do you know exactly how much extra weight is sitting on your roof after a heavy snowfall? NRP uses the RoofMonitor™ system, that calculates the weight on the roof and alerts facility management when weight limits are reached, before it’s too late. Why is this type of monitoring system important?  Here’s an example of the weight that can accumulate on the roof in just a 10′ x 10′ space:

  • 1 foot of snow would weigh 300 pounds!
  • 3 feet of snow would weigh 900 pounds!
  • 4 feet of snow would weigh 1,200 pounds!
  • 6 feet of snow would weigh 1,800 pounds!
Snow Weight

Source: FEMA

With a good monitoring system and the awareness of the dangers of snow on the roof, the next question is: what can you do about the snow? National Roofing Partners can provide your company with a comprehensive plan that will help protect your buildings year-round.  This program includes 24/7 Customer Service with crews on standby to deal with winter storms like Jonas. NRP’s national network of roofing contractors understand the importance of documentation and post-storm evaluation of the roof after such an event.

Emergency snow removal should be part of every company’s service program.  Snow removal is much easier when you are prepared, compared to hunting for help in the middle of the storm.  NRP is monitoring the weather nationwide and is on call 24/7.  To setup your emergency plans today, contact the NRP Customer Care Team today.

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