Of the many advantages that National Roofing Partners (NRP) brings to every roofing job, one of the most important is having a dedicated project manager to ensure that every project runs smoothly.   Recently, a large, national pet supply retailer experienced the benefit of working with NRP on the replacement of their 30,000-square foot roof on their Plano, Texas store.

NRP Director of Project Management, Mike Genette explained that the retail building had an existing Carlisle Syntec 45-mil EPDM roof that had reached the end of its service life.  “Once a roof hits a certain age it can become more costly to maintain than to replace,” he said. Genette worked with the retailer to assess the condition of the existing roof and after determining that it needed a full replacement he helped put bids together, selecting the system that would be used for the replacement.

carlisleThe retailer wanted to install a reflective, white roofing system.  Genette recommended the Carlisle APEEL 60-mil TPO system as its protective film was uniquely suited to address some challenges that arise from tearing off a black roof and replacing it with a white one. “The reason we chose the APEEL product is because tearing off an old, black EPDM roof is a very messy process and that black stuff gets on everything – including the clean, white TPO that is being installed,” he explained.

Working on a roof in an occupied space meant that the roof had to be left watertight at the end of every day. Whatever section of the roof that was torn off on a given day, had to be replaced the same day. The building’s roof had a one-half inch slope from front to back so the replacement had to start at the front of the building and work toward the back. This meant that workers were constantly walking across the black roof.  The Carlisle APEEL protective film protected the membrane from dirty footprints and other residue while workers tore off additional EPDM sections and walked back and forth during the installation.

During the tear off, NRP discovered that a pipe had come loose.  One of the benefits of having an NRP project manager on each job is that any unexpected discoveries are effectively communicated to all parties involved and promptly addressed. Genette could work with the client and coordinate the repair of the pipe. “We are advocates for good communications and make sure that everyone involved in the project knows what they are supposed to know,” said Genette. “If a problem arises, we are able to step in and solve it.”

02The old EPDM roof was removed and the Carlisle APEEL 60-mil TPO membrane was installed over 3 ½ inches of polyisocyanurate insulation all within a 30-day time frame.  The crews were able to work faster when installing this membrane because of the protective film. With unprotected white membranes, crews would have to either change shoes or put booties over their shoes to prevent the tracking of dirt, dust and other debris that can reduce the reflectivity. The need to spend additional days cleaning the roof after the installation was eliminated as well.  This translates into less time on the job, offering a potential for labor savings and cost reduction with no need to power wash the completed roof.

“What was nice for the building owner with this roof system is that at the end of the installation, the APEEL protective film was removed and the result is a clean, white, reflective, eco-friendly system that will be at peak performance because it’s not dirty from the installation,” concluded Genette.


About National Roofing Partners

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