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By Trent Cotney, P.A.

Roof defects represent a significant amount of construction claims in the construction industry. A roof is an expensive investment.  Property owners and investors need to take steps to reduce the likelihood of roofing defects. These steps include conducting regular inspections, hiring insured, national roofing contractors and taking advantage of roofing warranties.

Perform Regular Inspections

Property owners should understand that there are two sides to roofing problems.  They are either owner-related or contractor-related. From the owner’s standpoint, it pays to get a roof inspection twice a year. Performing routine inspections is a good way to catch minor problems and address them before they escalate into major issues, such as an expensive roof replacement. However, failing to repair these problems in a timely and efficient manner can be costly. For example, minor issues like ponding or worn flashings can be addressed before they become major problems.

On the other hand, roofing defects do not have to be the fault of the owner. Defects happen daily on a roofing contractor’s watch. Some of the most common defects caused by roofing contractors are due to improper installation, poor workmanship, and defective materials. These factors lead to problems such as blistering, billowing, and water intrusion. Choose your roofing vendor wisely. Faulty work not only damages your property, but it lowers the value as well.

Hire an Experienced Roofing Contractor

This leads us to another subject—inexperienced roofing contractors. Lack of roofing experience has played a big role in the increase of roofing defects. If an inexperienced roofer or any roofing subcontractors are injured on your property while performing work, you could be held liable for their injuries or any property damage. This is also why it is highly recommended that you ask your roofing contractor for their list of subcontractors and suppliers to avoid legal disputes. Quality contractors are experienced, insured, and belong to a network of professional roofing contractors.

Take Advantage of Warranties

For national accounts, it is critical to work with national roofing networks that are not only certified in all major roofing systems but also go above and beyond to provide the best quality, warranties and purchasing opportunities.  To provide the highest quality roofing system with long-term warranties and good value, the roofing contractor networks need to be certified by the manufacturer.  Top roofing manufacturers only work with the best contractors who understand roofing specifications and warranties.  By starting with a strong warranty and providing ongoing service and maintenance, the roofing system will provide high returns for the investment.

Take the time to contract with a roofing vendor that can provide national service and maintenance with fully insured roofing contractors throughout the network.  National Roofing Partners (NRP) is nationally recognized for their tier one network of commercial roofing contractors.  They are qualified, experienced, and insured. By working with the NRP network, property owners and investors will receive the maximize life for every roof as well as minimize legal issues and expenses.


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